The Infinite Jets is a second YUGE hit for Nashville’s Hologram Electronic, after the undeniable success of their first pedal, the Dream Sequence. It actually seems like this new device was even better received than the previous one, appearing in several “Best of 2017” pedal list.

Our friends at digital mag Gearphoria just dropped a new issue and we were happy to find a review of this “re-synthesizer pedal,” because – you know – sometimes reading can better express what a stompbox can do (and we are fans of pedal writer Wade Burden).

Here’s the review’s intro, you can find the full article here – with some videos at the bottom to integrate the experience!

The Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer is an all-analog signal path, two-channel sampling machine with four different voices that allows for infinite sustain of two different notes. That’s literally the simplest way I can find to describe it. So what does that mean? It means that the Infinite Jets can capture a note or chord, then depending on the voice setting, reinterpret that sound and feed it back to you for as long as you like. Then you can sample a second note or chord and layer it over the top of the first sound. This is ideal for creating endless droning ambient pads that you can come in and play over the top of, or manipulate using the Jets’ envelope filter to create some crazy oscillations. It’s hard to nail down exactly what the Jets is in one sentence, but to me at least it’s an old-school analog synthesizer that allows you to use a guitar as a controller instead of a keyboard and a million patch cables – so I think it’s pretty neat. – read the full review by Wade Burden here.