Here’s a demo of the Witch Hammer Overdrive by emerging NC manufacturer Haunted Labs.

The WITCH HAMMER is an overdrive pedal with enough tonal ability to tear the pages from Malleus Maleficarum itself and burn them at your feet. The WITCH HAMMER encapsulates the screams, chants, spells, and conjuring from centuries ago – ready to be unleashed at the press of a button. This otherworldly device is a medium-gain overdrive pedal made by Haunted Labs in Charlotte, North Carolina. The WITCH HAMMER features asymmetrical clipping, making it not only sound hauntingly incredible on its own, but it also sounds great when stacked with other overdrive pedals. The WITCH HAMMER circuit is designed with an extended low end range, rendering it capable of rattling the runes and stones off of your altar. The WITCH HAMMER can also clean up quite nicely, to function as a transparent clean boost pedal that will help you cut through the mix. Harness the craft with the new WITCH HAMMER overdrive from Haunted Labs.