echos 2

Italian manufacturer Gurus Amps is one of the few companies that dared to create a recreation of the legendary (and also Italian) Binson Echorech echo box from the ’50s.

At NAMM 2018 they introduced an upgrade to their 2nd version, called Echorec 2 T7E, which adds new features for the modern guitarist like improved audio quality and increased delay time (up to 740 ms).

We shot this video of it directly at NAMM, check it out, more info about this unit at the bottom of the page.

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With the Echosex 2°, that will stay in production, Gurus wanted to recreate that kind of magic of the “old Italian Echo” units, but with more versatility, reproducing one of the most used and useful setting, the single head, and give the possibility to set the delay time as in a modern pedal, to bring that magic sound and extend its musical applications. Musicians like Steve Lukather who uses it for ALL of his soloing parts, can confirm this.

But now, Gurus wanted to raise the bar, and fixed two important goals for this new project:

– Create a real alternative to buying an old, expensive, unreliable and very rare original unit.

– Create a device that really keeps the musicality and creativity of the old Binson Echorec 2°

The result is the new Echosex 2° T7E model:

  • No mechanical parts in movement: absolute reliability in any condition, with no maintenance needed.
  • Improved Audio Quality: The insane frequency response of 7hz to 161000z @1db and the DI totally WET out, make it a modern piece of gear, able to be connected to today highest professional studio grade equipment.
  • With the “Motor Speed Adj” feature, you have the possibility to increase the overall delay time, reaching the 740ms, keeping the multi-heads combinations in sync, so to make it suitable for a larger number of musical application that it’s predecessor.