We got a nice letter from Ben and Louise at Dwarfcraft Devices. It turns out that famed Amp Manufacturer, Bogner, put out an amp called Shiva right around the same time as Dwarfcraft Devices put out a pedal with the same name. All was well until Bogner decided that they wanted to put out a pedal called Shiva as well. Dwarfcraft decided to play nice and has since renamed their pedal the She Fuzz.

Ben and Louise wanted everyone to know that the She Fuzz is their Shiva and vice versa. Ben did change the artwork of the pedal’s case and I’ll have to say it’s a sight for sore eyes! So don’t hesitate to buy a She Fuzz, it’s got all the same magic as the Shiva with updated artwork. Here is a demo video featuring a Moog Voyager Old School and the aforementioned pedal. – Gus Green