Z. Vex introduced 4 new pedals at NAMM. All of these are improvement and/or modification builds on existing models. The Fat Fuzz Factory is essentially one of Z. Vex’s famous Fuzz Factories with an added Sub Switch. The Sub switch allows the pedal to extend its low end to accommodate for lower registry instruments like bass and synth. The field reports say that it still sounds great on guitar.

Next we’ve got the Super Seek Wah, Super Seek Trem and The Ringtone II. These are new and improved versions of Z. Vex’s sequenced pedals. The updated feature set includes tap tempo, MIDI for sync, expression pedal ports, glissando control between steps for groove and swing, a hold feature, the ability to choose sequence length up to 16 steps for various time signature compatibility, and the Delta control from the Sonar for ramping speed up and down just to name the major stuff.

I am seeing a trend in sequencer-based pedals these days. I like them. Very synth-y and electronic-y guitar parts can be conjured with the help of these babies. – Gus Green