MI-Effects is about to release the Cross Over Drive, a FET overdrive designed to capture the response and touch-sensitivity of an amp’s organic overdrive. It will be available in August as a limited run of 250 due to a limited supply of transistors needed to make the pedal. The preamp design is all about the strumming hand – with the amount of drive determined by every nuance of the attack, be it finger-picking or plectrum.

The pedal was dubbed the Cross Over Drive due to its seamless transition from boost to overdrive to distortion to fuzz with a sweep of the GAIN knob. At its lowest gain, it is a boost/enhancer adding some extra sparkle to the guitar’s natural tone. Turning up a bit more GAIN gives some nice, complex, tube-like overdrive but allows clean-up of the signal via the guitar’s volume knob that A/B’s well against a standard clean. A bit more gain and you have a smooth, harmonic-rich, sustaining lead sound from 70?s rock to jazz-fusion.Find the right EQ spot with the DETAIL knob, and blend in the amount of top-end harmonics with the BALANCE control for one of the sweetest, responsive drive tones that will have you convinced you have found another channel in your amp!

Check out this sweet video: