Greer Ghetto Stomp

What’s so great about another 3-knob overdrive? In an industry saturated with overdrive pedals, Greer makes an interesting offering with the Ghetto Stomp. This stompbox is designed to emulate the heavenly harmonics and sweet saturation of Tweeds and Valcos amps pushed into overdrive.

I find this is one of the more responsive overdrive pedals in recent years, reacting quite well to pick attack and especially marrying well with single-coil pickups. The natural amp-like feel provided by the pedal makes it ideal for stacking with other overdrives.

The Ghetto Stomp offers the amazing build quality that Greer Amps has become known for – every single pedal is built to order. The stompbox can be run by standard adapter or 9v battery and offers true bypass switching. – Brandon Stoner