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A straightforward medium gain “second stage” overdrive pedal, the Greer Tomahawk Deluxe Drive barks and snarls, but it can also lean back and simply shift your tone just a bit.

Here are a few demos of it:

This is Mike Hermans’ take on this pedal.

Nick Greer showed up in person to our StompboxBooth at NAMM 2018 to demo the Tomahawk Drive, check out thevideo below!

This pedal has a purposeful EQ shift that puts it squarely in the “tweed” type tonal range. At 9 volts, it compresses slightly, like the big box tweed amps do, but still has some stiffness to it, just like those wonderful tone boxes did. At 18 volts, this beauty has increased headroom, AND becomes a bit more stiff, in a lovely way. The Tomahawk is a touch sensitive, dynamic recreation of this classic sound that has a natural and instantly familiar drive texture found on classic albums from so many genres. Grab a tomahawk and add this classic American tone to your tonal palette.