Cecilia Della Peruti is a creative force to be reckoned with in the LA scene. Her band Gothic Tropic‘s musical output could be seen as a permanent effort to defy categorizations: disparate influences like rock, pop, ambient, African melodies and even jazz find a place in her repertoire without affecting its cohesiveness. The lady is also an accomplished guitarist and she’s very well versed at the art of stomping, so we asked her to send us a picture of her pedalboard.

What’s your favorite guitar pedal right now?

“My favorite pedal on my board is the Earthquaker Devices Afterneath reverb. It’s gorgeous, and gives you a lot of options and control (which I didn’t think you could get with a reverb pedal, I always thought it was pretty straightforward). I got this pedal right before I recorded the new album, and you’ll be able to hear it when it comes out. (Starting early this summer!)” – Gothic Tropic will be releasing the first single from the album on May 30th.


Here’s a shot of the board (photo by She Shreds), we also see a DigiTech Whammy, an EHX’ Small Stone Nano Phase Shifter, a Boss Tuner and Delay, and a Pigtronix Aria Overdrive.