Today, most major pedal videographers unveiled, in unison, a video of the Jonassus, a brand new dual overdrive channel by Indonesian manufacturer GFI System with a shared tone knob.

This stompbox gives you a more articulate and dynamic low gain channel on the left side, and powerful high gain goodness on the right side.

Some nifty little extras makes it even more intriguing: each drive has three selectable clipping options, and on the back panel two DIP switches give you the option of having one of the two gains play on both channels – of course with different gain and volume settings.

Check out the videos below:

Dual channel low gain and high gain analog overdrives with 3 clipping modes. The Jonassus offers a sweet, warm, and articulate low gain overdrive and the dynamic, responsive, ballsy medium to high gain overdrive. Each channel has its own volume and gain control.#gfisystem #npd