GFI System Enieqma Equalizer

Designed and built by an (unexpectedly) Indonesian wonder of a company, the GFI System Enieqma is a stereo / dual channel device that takes on equalizing and boost duties and does it both uniquely and impressively.

With its large LCD screen displaying the EQ curve you are working with, this unit takes the concept of equalization in a stompbox format to a new level, so that it can be used also as a cab, speaker and filter/wah emulator, while also introducing some novel ideas like pre-EQ stereo-enhancing effects like delay and chorus.

There are three modes of EQ operation, that affect the way the EQ is shaped when you tweak it:

  1. Parametric, consisting of a 5-band full parametric EQ, similar to the one you find in a mixing console, but with five parametric EQ bands instead of the four found in most consoles.
  2. A ‘simple EQ class’ featuring 7 classic tone stacks (Baxandall, Tilt, Fender, Marshall, and Vox amps tone control, etc.) 
  3. Pultec mode consisting of a 3-band midrange equalizer that emulates the Pultec Midrange EQ processor, a price studio rack unit.

Also, the Enieqma provides the user with a library of pre-made EQ settings (several for each mode) that can be used as is or modified to suit the current needs, called “Prototypes.” This library includes simple EQ configurations like high and lo pass filters and also more complex EQs simulating cabs, wash, and other popular devices with a relevant EQ character. This allows easy experimention with several pre-existing EQs when seeking the perfect tone in a specific sonic context.

As briefly mentioned, the two channels can be used in stereo or separately. In the latter configuration, in Dual mode, they can have completely different settings from each other.

Needless to say, the Boost, delivering up to 15 db of extra gain, is also stereo, and can be activated via a separate footswitch.

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