Fuzzrocious Pedals

Hailing from Mount Laurel, NJ, Fuzzrocious Pedals participated with this board at our latest Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, showcasing the company’s growing family of stompboxes. We asked owner Ryan Ratajski to share the Fuzzrocious news:

“[At the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit] we shared a new pedal that will be co-released with a marketing group at Winter NAMM 2017. It was exciting to watch people’s eyes light up when each portion of the circuit was activated while they visited our booth to try our effects. What is in the new pedal? If you missed the event, you’ll just have to wait until NAMM!”

Is the pedal in question the one highlighted by the display with the cat on the top right here? Or maybe the art-less gray pedal on the second row from the top? I guess we’ll find out soon enough… in the meantime you can check out the video below for monster parallel distortion pedal the Bongripper.