Based on the legendary DOD 250, the Fuzzlord Effects Sky Master is a high gain overdrive designed to have huge amounts of low end and sustain and retain presence and high-end attack. Its op-amp gain staging, paired with hard diode clipping, deliver a classic overdrive that can push your amp into high gain territory.  Check out the demo by Eric Merrow.

High gain overdrive circuit designed to be able to have huge amounts of low end and sustain, while retaining presence and high end pick attack. Based on the classic DOD250 Overdrive, the Sky Master utilizes op-amp gain staging paired with hard diode clipping for a classic transparent overdrive that can push your amp into high gain brutality. The Sky Master features the highly tune-able active Baxandall two band tone control (+/- 20dB) that allows you to dial in your tone precisely to your amp setup.

The Sky Master works well to push your amplifier as a tone shaping preamp circuit or as a high gain overdrive for punishing Doom/Sludge/Metal tones. Unlike the classic DOD circuit, the gain control keeps a consistent frequency response throughout the sweep of the gain control. The two band active Baxandall tone control makes huge amounts of earth shaking low end possibly at the turn of a dial.

Each Sky Master is hand screen printed over the course of 4 days. The 4 color design is split into 4 images that are each printed and giving 24 hours to allow for the ink to cure, before setting up the process again for the next color. Artwork provided by Nashville tattooer Jake Snoddy.



Volume: Adjust the overall output volume. Plenty of headroom available to drive the front of of your amplifier or next pedal in your signal chain.

Gain: Control the overall gain of the effect.

Bass: Active Baxandall provides +/- 20dB.

Treble: Active Baxandall provides +/- 20dB.