Fender Dual Marine Layer

Building on the strengths of the Marine Layer Reverb, Fender released a dual version of that same pedal with a few added features: enter the Dual Marine Layer, a Sweetwater Exclusive.

Just like the original, it offers 2 classic reverb types (Hall and Room) and a third, more modern Shimmer mode.  The two channels can be toggled through the A/B switch in the middle of the pedal – but cannot be fed into each other.

Pre-delay and damping controls are inherited from the original unit, while there’s a new Sustain knob + footswitch that prolongs the reverb through a momentary effect, and a Mod knob that adds subtle modulation to the wet signal.

This is a pedal designed with classic tone purveyors in mind: it brilliantly recreates classic reverb sounds but doesn’t really get into spacey territory as one may expect.

Here are the videos of the Fender Dual Marine Layer.

The Reverb You Love — Now Even Better

After the wild success of the original Marine Layer Reverb pedal, Fender set out to maximize its performance. After careful thought and artist feedback, Fender believes they’ve created their best reverb yet with the Dual Marine Layer Reverb pedal. It retains the same Fender-designed reverb circuit as the original, so you won’t have to worry about losing your favorite Hall, Room, or Shimmer reverb. Each reverb type is ultra-lush and defined, making it the ideal reverb for arguably any situation. And to give you more tones to work with onstage, the Dual Marine Layer Reverb has an A/B switch to toggle between two reverbs and their independent effects settings. Both reverbs have a range of sounds to explore with the Pre-delay, Time, and Damping controls. As if that’s not enough, Fender included a Sustain switch for use whenever the musical situation calls for it. Suffice it to say, Fender’s Dual Marine Layer Reverb is in a league of its own.

Upgraded feature set is sure to impress

There’s more to the Fender Dual Marine Layer Reverb than its sound. This reverb pedal also comes with a selection of player-centered features that are sure to impress even the most seasoned guitarists. It retains the same LED-backlit knobs and controls as the original version. But now, you get two selectable reverbs, each with its own set of controls. With the A/B Reverb switch, you can toggle between two different reverb settings at a tap of your foot. There’s also a Sustain switch with an independent level control for moments when you need a touch more reverb. All of that is packed into an anodized aluminum chassis, which is designed to take as much punishment as you can give it.

Fender Dual Marine Layer Reverb Pedal Features:
• Reverb effects pedal for electric guitar with Hall, Room, and Special reverb types
• Unique Fender-designed reverb circuit gives you exceptionally clear tone
• A/B Reverb switch toggles between 2 customized reverb settings
• Sustain footswitch holds on to the reverb tails
• LED-backlit knobs make it easy to see your settings on dark stages
Sturdy anodized aluminum chassis