Diamond Pedals Drive

The next-generation Diamond Pedals Drive is constructed upon the foundation of the Canadian brand’s original overdrive and EQ circuits and captures the most coveted aspects of the company’s old J-Drive, Blaze, and Fireburst pedals, offering a blend of a warm and versatile overdrive.

The drive section, equipped with a Burr-Brown op-amp, provides a diverse range of tones, spanning from a gritty clean boost to rich, organic asymmetric saturation. The dual-band active Baxandall EQ and the option to engage the Warm High Shelf Filter allow the player to fine-tune his or her sound to perfection.

Designed to meet the needs of contemporary pedal users, the Diamond Drive offers a compact form factor, top-mounted jacks for space efficiency, 9-18VDC power supply operation, and incorporates relay-based true bypass switching for transparent signal routing.

Diamond Pedals Drive, Builder’s Notes

Drenched in classic Diamond DNA, the next-gen Diamond Drive is built on a foundation of signature drive and EQ soundblocks. Distilling the most desirable and functional elements of the original J-Drive, Blaze and Fireburst pedals, the Diamond Drive combines a warm and wide-ranging overdrive built around a Premium Sound Burr-Brown Op-amp with a dual band, post-gain active EQ.

Drawing inspiration from past Drive, J-Drive and Fireburst designs, the new Diamond Drive combines our classic overdrive platform with our active Baxandall EQ, and might just be the perfect drive pedal.

The Burr-Brown equipped drive section delivers anything from a gritty clean boost to thick, natural asymmetric saturation while the dual-band active Baxandall EQ and selectable Warm High Shelf Filter dial it all in to perfection.

For the modern pedal-user’s needs. Space saving design, without any loss of quality. The Diamond Drive package is complete with top-mounted jacks, 9-18VDC operation and relay based true bypass switching.


  • Input Impedance: > 1 M?
  • Output Impedance: < 10 K?
  • Switching: Relay True Bypass
  • Power Requirement: 9-18 VDC , negative tip, 2.1 mm barrel jack.
  • Current Draw @ 9 VDC : 17 mA
  • Baxandall EQ Bass Frequency: 150 Hz +|- 6 dB
  • Baxandall EQ Treble Frequency: 3 KHz +|- 6 dB
  • Warm Shelf Filter Frequency: 1 KHz +|- 4.5 dB
  • Dimensions: 122 x 66.98 x 39.64 mm (4.8 x 2.64 x 1.58 “)
  • Weight: 280 g
  • Made In Canada