farm pedals fly agaric

Designed with the vibe of the classiest vintage phasers, the Farm Pedals Fly Agaric sports dual low frequency oscillators and a four-stage design controlled by two separate speed knobs. It can get into cross-phased Uni-Vibe territory via the additional footswitch, which changes the direction of the first LFO. This dual speed design allows access to sounds not available in other phasers. The controls are simple, but offer a host of great modulation sounds.

Check out the most popular videos of this pedal, below.

Vintage, vibe voiced, four stage phaser with two independent LFOs.
The heart of the Fly Agaric is two independent speed controls. These individual controls, matched with a direction altering footswitch, allow for a wide range of textural cross-phasing.
We recommend setting the first knob somewhere from 7 to 11 ‘o’ clock, and the second knob from 11 to 2 ‘o’ clock to get thick vibe-like cross phasing, and offer the most range out of the Heart (left) footswitch.
Things get weird with the Fly Agaric, and it’s all so beautiful.
Jacks: In on the right, Out on the left.
Left Knob: Controls the speed of the first LFO.
Right Knob: Controls the speed of the second LFO


Left Footswitch (heart): Mirror switches the speed of the first LFO.  When the left heart switch is engaged  (light on) the speed of the first LFO will immediately flip.  This switch is handy for creating textural cross-phasing on the fly.

Right Footswitch: Engages Pedal


Each pedal is hand stamped and the pedal you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.
This larger box version is 100% hand soldered.