The envelope filter has been an essential effect in funk and soul, creating vocal-like sounds that drip with attitude. Phonkify takes it to a new extreme by adding an octave up and/or down feature.

Tsakalis AudioWorks’ Phonkify features controls for Volume, Octave selection, Frequency, Sensitivity and In(put) Gain. There’s also a Post/Pre switch to select the effect order and another to choose between Nasty and Smooth response.

There are two modes of juicy envelope filter (Smooth & Nasty), which turn into wah at the minimum “sensitivity” setting, combined with a unique octave up and/or down effect. You can also choose the order of the effects in your signal chain, creating a totally different vibe!

Phonkify features an expression jack, letting you control the frequency range of the envelope and wah effects, and a dedicated footswitch for the octave effect.

Phonkify is available for €175. Visit here for more information, and check out the video below for a demonstration, featuring Phonkify on all the guitar and bass parts.

All Tsakalis Audioworks pedals are handmade in Greece, individually tested and sold with a limited lifetime warranty.

Here’s a hilarious video shot by EytschPi42 shot at the Tsakalis booth at NAMM 2018.