Having a power amp the size of a pedal is a dream come true for all those guitarists who damaged their back carrying huge heads in and out of venues, although – of course – such a small item comes with power limitations. The question is: do you really need more than 2.5 Watts of power? For most people, the answer is “in most cases, no.”

A power amp like the new Electro-Harmonix’s 5MM will do just fine in most recording, rehearsing and small live venue situations. It can be connected directly to any 8 ? – 16 ? speaker cabinet and it will easily get some nice drive and saturation. Placing a preamp, EQ or overdrive before it will open up your tonal palette.

Check out the manufacturers’ video, below.

The EHX 5MM Guitar Power Amplifier is a pocket-sized power amp that’s a great alternative to a traditional guitar amplifier. It’s super portable and perfect in playing situations where a high-powered amp is not required… like when you’re mic’d on stage, in the studio or as a backup. It produces 2.5 watts so one of the cool things about it is that it doesn’t take much to start getting some nice drive and saturation. Plus, it can be connected directly to any 8 ? – 16 ? speaker cabinet.

The 5MM is complete simplicity. It features a Volume control and a Bright switch which, when engaged, adds presence to the signal. Since it is a power amp, a preamp, overdrive pedal and, or an EQ in front of it will really let you dial in your tone, but it can be used by itself. The 5MM Power Amplifier also comes equipped with its own power supply.


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Quick Specs
• 2.5 watts of power
• Connects directly to any 8 ? – 16 ? speaker cabinet
• Volume control plus a Bright Switch which adds presence
• Use it alone or with a dirt pedal, EQ and, or preamp for more tone shaping capabilities
• Compact, ultra-portable and affordable
• Comes with its own power supply