Countdown Audio Pneuma Driv

The Pneuma Drive is the first pedal by Countdown Audio Guitar Effects (aka CAGE), a brand new US pedal builder committed to great tone achieved through disciplined design and top-notch components.

The Pneuma is a dynamic overdrive with amp-like quality that provides a natural distortion, and it shines also as an “almost clean” boost. The Drive knob will increasingly color the tone with a slight mid boost at higher values.

Here are two videos of it:

The Pneuma Drive’s analog circuitry yields amp like edge of break up and crunch tones. It’s an extremely dynamic pedal that provides natural sounding distortion without getting buzzy or fizzy. It’s especially well suited for playing double stops and notes “purr” together exquisitely! The Pneuma Drive can also be used to boost an amp with up to 20 db of almost clean boost.

The DRIVE knob set at minimum affords a neutral tone with very little coloration. There is a modest but pleasing rise in mid frequencies as DRIVE is increased.


    • High quality made in USA Switchcraft jacks
    • Hammond enclosure
    • Circuit Board Through-hole technology
    • Hand selected key components to ensure quality and consistency
    • 9 Volt battery compartment
    • True Bypass
    • Hand crafted in the USA