El Diablo HEQ1.2

Originally created by a Minneapolis pedal store as a way to celebrate, through a limited release, their fuzz festival called Fuzzapalooza, the El Diablo HEQ gathered so much interest to convince the store owners to make it a non-limited release, and actually invest in some improvements, hence this V1.2 version.

The pedal is a wild and crazy fuzz followed by a three-band EQ, with a separate footswitch to activate the EQ section.

The new version, printed in 200 units, replaces some parts and sweetens the EQ, check out the video of it by Pedals in the Dark.

In 2017, we introduced the HEQ1 Harmonic Equalizer fuzz pedal, designed by the brilliant Minneapolis-based audio engineer Peter Bregman.  The limited release was intended to celebrate our annual FUZZAPALOOZA event here at El Diablo.  Given the unruly and cantankerous nature of the HEQ1, we thought it would only appeal to sonic explorers on the outer edges of music.  But the pedal sold out instantly, and despite the odds, it has captured the hearts of pedal enthusiasts around the world.  The HEQ1 even earned a spot in the groundbreaking 2019 tome “Pedal Crush” by Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper!  We’ve received numerous requests to resurrect the HEQ over the years, and though we initially resisted the idea, we are really proud of this irascible circuit and we’re chuffed it has found an audience.  So…back by popular demand, say hello to the HEQ1.2!

 The HEQ1.2 differentiates itself from the original in the following:  

  • The HEQ1.2 has been carefully calibrated to sound exactly like Peter’s own personal HEQ1, so we’ve dispensed with the internal trim pots.
  • The circuit board has been re-designed for easier assembly.
  • Different components: the pots used in the original HEQ are out of production and some of the caps/resistors are different brands.
  • Reverse and over-voltage protection is now built in.
  • The LEDs are dimmer. Apparently, the originals were “blinding.” =)
  • 200 units total worldwide.  BUT If the hoarding/flipping gets out of hand, we’ll make more!  
  • Different color scheme.  At the risk of stating the obvious, the original HEQ1 had black powder coating and looked like something Realistic might have put out in the 70’s. The new ones have an 80’s calculator vibe to them.  

We are gearing up for a regular production run later this spring (April release).  Reserve yours today!!