Dueling Ninjas Dual Overdrive

The Dueling Ninjas is a dual overdrive pedal featuring a Tubescreamer clone on one side (the green one, obviously) and an OCD-style overdrive on the other (white knobs).

The pedal allows cascading of the two circuits in any order and provides other tweaks through two toggle switches that offer Modern and Classic voicings on the green side and High or Low settings on the white side.

Check out the video of the Dueling Ninjas Dual Overdrive Pedal, below.

Two of my favorite guitar overdrive pedal tones come from the classic “Tube Screamer”, especially for my Fender single-coil guitars, and the OCD distortion for my humbucker guitars like my Gibsons. Several years ago I commissioned a boutique pedal creator, Mark Kerr from Kerrtronics, to help me create my dream signature overdrive pedal. This pedal “tips the hat” to these two classics, but also includes a few tweaks, changes and upgrades with our own proprietor sound/circuitry. While using these two original classics on my pedalboard for years, I found that “cascading” (running in series) these two pedals gave an entirely new sound that is great for soloing and/or getting that extra boost that guitarists need while playing live. It’s what I call, “Ninja” mode! If you don’t have a power supply, please check the store for the 9-volt power adapter that will work perfectly with this pedal.