nettuno 600x6001 e1535675427890From Italian manufacturer Dophix comes the Nettuno, a fuzz pedal whose name and sound is inspired by the powerful god of the sea.

Here’s Mike Hermans’ video of it.

According to mythology, The god of the waters Neptune lived at the bottom of the sea and commanded sea monsters and storms. Our Neptune is just like that: majestic and impressive!This singular fuzz takes us directly into a marine storm, enveloped by the violence of the waves. Strong and aggressive.

A fuzz pedal equipped with wide gain range ideal in loudness with large and defined distortions, up to use in solos with dynamic sustain. With the combined adjustment of GAIN and LEVEL it provides a mix of unique saturation and definition. Powerful and incisive.TRUE BYPASS switch and carbon paste resistors is one of the specific choices made for the standard of our pedals. The components are wanted in a project with electronic devices belonging to vintage series, elements that distinguish a character and a warm and defined sound.