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A distortion pedal by young Italian manufacturer Dophix, full of character and power – like Michelangelo’s David.

Not by chance the distortion is represented by the David, the Hero par excellence. The statue depicting him, carved from the hands of Michelangelo, is a masterpiece of sculpture and symbol of Florence, cradle of the pedals Dophix.

David is represented when he is about to confront Goliath. His face is full of expressivity: proud look and penetrating eyes. The bust and the arms are characterised by strong lines, testimony of the one who is not afraid of anything or anyone.

This is how the strong sound and character of our first pedalwas represented.

The care given in the creation of the circuit and the warm feature of the sound made us shout:“The pedal is not afraid of anything and anyone!”

Phrase paraphrased even by some users of the product, who have found the power on stage during the evenings live.