bass mono synth

New York City’s own Electro-Harmonix has birthed the pedal that synth geeks have been waiting for: the Bass Mono Synth. Featuring 11 different huge mono synth emulations, the Bass Mono Synth will add some deep, pulsating rhythm to any band that lacks it.

The biggest addition to the Bass Mono Synth is the Preset footswitch, something not featured on any of EHX’s 9-series pedals until this one. Using it, you are granted one preset for each synth model, giving you an unprecedented level of flexibility.

Perhaps best of all, each of the mono synths in the library costs several thousand dollars each, giving you most bang for your buck in the synth pedal world. EHX will be showing this beast off at NAMM, and you can check it out there or get a sneak preview here. – Nicholas Kula

The EHX Bass Mono Synth transforms your bass into eleven great sounding synthesizers… from vintage synth emulations to thick, stacked voices to deep pulsing sounds and more.

Its intuitive layout makes it easy to use and easy to dial in good sounds quickly. DRY controls the volume of your dry bass signal at the Synth Output. SYNTH controls the volume of the Synthesizer sound at the Synth Output. Used together they let you create just the right mix. The SENS control, short for sensitivity, adjusts how your playing dynamics trigger the synthesizer and allows you to fine tune the way the pedal responds to your bass rig and playing style.

With the CTRL knob you can adjust a key parameter for each of the eleven synth types. It varies depending on the preset and provides more tweakability for customizing your sound. There’s also an EXP input which lets you control an entirely different parameter in real-time with an expression pedal!

Using the built-in Preset footswitch, a user customizable preset for each of the eleven synth sounds can be created, saved and recalled. The factory presets are also easy to restore should you wish to.

From lush, warm sounds to sharp, percussive stabs, the Bass Mono Synth puts a collection of cool bass synths at your fingertips.