Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion Fuzz

For the avid fuzz aficionado, Dirty Haggard Audio has an attractive option. Torsion delivers a heavy and saturated fuzz that can be attenuated by its mighty gate. The flexibility of the pedal offers users the chance to clean the hum and noise of the fuzz or crush the signal for full distortion. The Tilt EQ and Mids knobs allow for even more sound control and give this edgy stompbox a sophisticated tinge. Dirty Haggard Audio says the following regarding the pedal’s impressive Radio Frequency Rejection feature:

“Ever hear a radio station playing through your amp or another piece of audio gear? Annoying, right? The Torsion Fuzz has a 2-stage RF rejection filter at the input to ruthlessly murder any and all radio frequencies trying to mix (or heterodyne, for those who like technical terms) down into your signal.”

As far as gated fuzz pedals go, Dirty Haggard Audio’s Torsion offers users an impressive sound range. From being able to maintain your sustain to channeling an aggressive tone that rips through the mix, this pedal is quite promising indeed. Check out the video streaming below to hear this stompbox growl.

Check out the videos of the Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion Fuzz, below.

The Torsion Fuzz, a fully original design using 3 gain stages, noise gate, and optimized tone controls, is a  monstrous general-purpose fuzz with enough tonal options to cut through a dense mix in any style of rock or metal you happen to play.  Built with three goals in mind: to sound terribly badass, to provide minimal noise/hum/buzz, and to last for decades. The Torsion fuzz is a secret weapon on stage or in the studio.