Diamond Pedals Tremolo

Of all the new effects released by the new (SolidGoldFx-driven) team behind the venerable Candian pedal brand, the Diamond Pedal Tremolo is probably the most intriguing – with the exclusion, of course, of the legendary Memory Lane delay.

This compact version of a pedal that already received rave reviews in its larger format keeps all the features of the original, based around an Opto-Isolator at its heart, adding extra goodness to an already remarkable circuit.

One of the major additions is a new Chop mode, selected through the central toggle switch. This is a FET-based circuit and has a momentary Diver function activated by holding the left footswitch. While the original mode offers the classic, warm tremolo found in the vintage Fender amps of the ’60s, this new mode delivers a sharper, edgier effect.

The three parameter knobs are the same as the original: Speed, Depth, and Volume, affecting the same 3 LFO tremolo waveforms: sharkfin, sinewave, square, but the new Diamond Tremolo has an expanded 11 rhythm patterns, selected via the rotary RHY knob.

Here’s a graphic listing them all:

diamond tremolo rhythm patterns

Another feature inherited from the original is the Double-speed mode, activated through the right footswitch, which can be set to momentary or latching mode and also does Tap Tempo duties.

Here rea the demos!

Diamond Pedals Tremolo, Builder’s Notes

Tremolo has been a staple effect since the 60’s. Now it’s time to welcome it to the 21st century. Don’t let your preconceptions fool you, this is not your average trem. Combining 3 distinct trem flavours into one pedal, the new Diamond Tremolo takes what it means to be a tremolo and pushes it well beyond the limits. At its core, the Diamond Tremolo offers classic amp style, optical amplitude modulation with sine, shark fin and square waveforms. Further enhancing the pedal, a modern FET chopper delivers a sharp edge, completely killed, tremolo effect and a new Dicer mode allows you to arm the pedal and use it as a momentary kill switch. Include the 11 rhythm control positions providing a number of different depth, mode and tempo accents and the updated Diamond Tremolo will be your go-to tone warping machine.

Dual Tremolo Modes
The Diamond Tremolo offers both warm, natural vintage amp-style optical tremolo with sine, shark tooth and square waveforms as well as a precise FET Chopper with momentary Dicer function.

Advanced Features
Small but mighty. Loaded yet user friendly.

The Tremolo offers Tap Tempo with subdivisions, 11 position Rhythm control, Insta-Chop, momentary or latching speed Doubler, and more.

The New Standard
For the modern pedal-user’s needs. Space saving design, without any loss of quality. All analog, Burr-Brown audio path with microprocessor control. Complete with top-mounted jacks and relay based true bypass switching.


  • Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass
  • 11 Rhythm modes
  • 3 Waveforms: sine, sawtooth, rectangle
  • Chopper mode: sharp, fully chopped tremolo effect
  • Extended operating options: Geezer mode, momentary/latching mode
  • True Bypass
  • Controls: Speed, Depth, Volume, Rhythm
  • Switch: Tap / Mode
  • Footswitch: Effect Bypass / Chop, Tap / Dbl
  • LED: On, Tap
  • Power consumption: 21 mA
  • Input and output: 6.3 mm jack
  • Power supply via 9-18 V DC mains adapter (2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector, negative pole inside) – suitable power supply unit available
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 67 x 122 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Made in Canada