Every now and again, a product sneaks up on the audio public in a way that makes discovering its graces all the more significant.  Studio One Pro from PreSonus is one such product.  A virtual powerhouse audio editor, Studio One Pro delivers and outshines its competition by leaps and bounds while remaining intuitive, simple and affordable.

The timing for this review couldn’t be better. I’d cut all the basic instrumental tracks for my latest record to tape, so without reading or investigation, I installed Studio One Pro with its FireStudio Mobile interface to dump the tracks into hard disc for vocals, overdubs, mixing and mastering. If the DAW wasn’t up to snuff after a day or two, I assumed I could go back to my former well known but frustrating ProTools interface and audio program. Though aversion of the software, Studio One Artist, comes with the FireStudio, I am using Studio One Pro for this review. This version allows VST, Audio Units, and ReWire, as well as video sync and mastering capabilities not found in the Studio One Artist version. – read the entire review here.

P.S. PreSonus is currently offering Studio One for $299 for any user cross-grading from any other DAW, for more info see here (offer ends July 31).