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If in a delay pedal you are looking for character rather than purity of tone, you may want to check out the  Cusack Tap-A-Delay, available for testing at our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2014.

Providing 750ms of delay and 8 modulation options,  this highly configurable pedal belongs to the gritty, analog sounding category – it’s even a little noisy, but isn’t a little bit of hiss kind of cool at times?

Some of the controls are your standard delay ones: Level, Mix, Feedback and Delay knobs + Tap Speed. The Delay time can be set with the knob or by pressing the Tap Speed switch twice. When tapping the tempo, the Divide toggle selects 1/8, *1/8, and 1/4.

There’s a Modulation knob that selects several warm modulation themes as well as a few outer more out there options.

The Tap-A-Delay also features a “Brake” option, which reacts in different ways depending on how you set the Mode switch.

An internal Brightness pot adjusts the tone of the repeats from bright to dark. Check out the demo video below.