Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation

The Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation is a multimode pedal of “anything Germanium” delivering voicings of fuzzes and boosters inspired by classic pedals.

An all-analog multi-mode germanium fuzz pedal with all the “greatest hits” of fuzz onboard. In addition to a Fuzz Face mode and 3 Tone Bender modes, also has a Rangemaster mode and a RMFF mode -Rangemaster into Fuzz Face- for bright and fuzzy lead tones.

The pedal comes in two versions, one with the OC45 transistor, which has “less bottom end, more chime and slightly better clean-up,” and one with the OC41 transistor, offering a more balanced tone.

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation, Builder’s Notes

A multi-mode Germanium fuzz / booster inspired by british classic Fuzz boxes of the past.

All analog, featuring NOS Germanium transistors for smooth and deep complex tone with amazing clean-up.
We hand select 3 New Old Stock Black Glass Germanium transistors for each pedal ensuring ideal performance and consistency.

OC45 transistor version (all white print) has a tad less bottom end, more chime and slightly better clean-up.
OC41 transistor version (white and cyan print) offers more of a balanced tone.

A smart switching circuit gives you 6 toneful fuzz / boost settings.
You can select between four different fuzz sounds, a treble booster, plus a custom combination of them.

FF: Inspired by the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, one of the most notable fuzz pedals in history
VTB: Inspired by the Vox ToneBender, a brighter but at the same time “polite” fuzz pedal.
3/2: Inspired by the Sola Sound Tone Bender Mk 1.5 often described as a darker and heavier Fuzz Face.
2: Inspired by the Sola Sound Tone Bender MkII, a wild saturated fuzz with lots of sustain.
RM: Inspired by the Dallas Rangemaster, a treble booster pedal typically used to increase treble content, gain and sustain of already overdriven tube amplifiers.
RMFF: A custom combination of a treble booster into a fuzz face that gives a bright and nasty fuzz sound tailor-made to cut through the mix.

Note: Constellation requires a center negative power supply for proper operation. It is a positive ground circuit. Do not use a daisy chain power supply with negative ground effects. Please make sure to use an isolated power supply output !