Coppersound Strategy v2 Preamp / Overdrive

Massachusetts builders Coppersound have updated their Strategy Preamp / Overdrive to a v2 edition. Featuring 30db of clean boost, powerful tone shaping, and a touch sensitive overdrive mode all with the help of a studio-grade Burr Brown Op-Amp. As part of their pickguard series, the Strategy v2 is available in a variety of classic guitar-inspired color combinations.


  • Powerful, two channel preamp and overdrive
  • Audiophile-grade, hi-fi op-amp
  • Wide-sweep capable tone control
  • Master volume control ranging from boost to breakup
  • Latching, Momentary, fail-safe operation via proprietary SMART BYPASS™ switching system
  • Customizable finish, pickguard, knobs, and hardware
  • Over 30dB of gain to drive your amp into breakup territory
  • Perfect choice as an “always on” pedal
  • 9V – 18V operation

Builder’s notes:

Strategy V2 is a highly powerful two-channel preamp and overdrive, based around an audiophile-grade Burr Brown Op Amp. In ‘Preamp Mode’, Strategy can range from unity volume to a staggering 30dB boost, delivering enough volume to slam the front end of your amp for an incredible, fat and articulate overdrive. Toggling the switch on the back engages ‘Overdrive Mode’, adding subtle to substantial grit when riding the volume knob. Its elegant tone stack (present in  both channels) allows you to perfectly sculpt your signal, making it an excellent choice for an “always on” pedal. As part of our Pickguard Series, choose from a variety of finishes, pickguards, knobs, and hardware, creating your very own custom preamp. An all analog shot of adrenaline!