collector 1

We weren’t familiar with the videos of pedal videographer Ian Pritchard, aka Collector//Emitter – we’ll start aggregating his videos from now on!

He came over by our NAMM 2019 Stompbox Booths and took a lot of videos of the participating manufacturers’ pedals. Out of the 11 boards he highlighted in his final NAMM 2019 report (streaming below), more than half (6!) were hosted in our booth! That is cause for celebration!

Check out the full video streaming below, or jump to the single builder using the links in this list (organized in alphabetical order):

Caroline Guitar Company – 6:08
CooperFX – 5:18
Deep Space Devices – 3:25
Fuzzrocious – 2:14
Keeley – 0:49
KMA Audio Machines – 10:34
Native Audio – 8:14
Old Blood Noise Endeavors – 9:18
Rainger FX – 7:24
Red Panda – 11:39
SolidGoldFX – 4:10

For a more thorough list of the new pedals released at NAMM go here and here.