T-16_1.jpg.opt197x383o0,0s197x383[1]UK manufacturer Cog Effects designs great analog pedals for guitarists and bassists, and one of their newest offerings is a take on the classic octave effect. While many newer octave pedals rely on digital processes to achieve their sound, the idea behind the T-16 goes back to the original intentions for the effect- an entirely analog signal path.

Controls include a ‘Clean’ blend to mix your wet/dry signal ratio, a ‘Down’ knob which controls the level and intensity of the octave element, and a ‘Filter’ control to shape the sound even further. Build features include an all-metal small footprint enclosure, standard powering, and true bypass switching.

Paired with your favorite fuzz, you can definitely get into Jimi Hendrix territory with this pedal, and the controls allow the player to blend it well with other elements of their rig. If you’re looking for a more organic type of octave device, the T-16 is worth a shot. – Brandon Stoner