CKK Scream Honey

Several pedals by the folks at CKK/Sinvertek have been getting ringing endorsements from several YouTube “celebrities” (the N5+ Drive in particular), and the new CKK Scream Honey Overdrive can already count on an extremely positive video review by Pete Thorn.

This limited edition overdrive is completely hand-soldered and created with selected high-quality components. It was designed to be touch sensitive and to maintain the tone’s character of the rig (aka “sound transparent”) but at the same time to be able to deliver a balanced spectrum of frequencies with deeper low end, more open high end, and improved attack.

Two toggle switches on the sides open up extra tonal options:

stands for Hollow and it attenuates some mid and mid-high frequency to create the classic scooped sound
B stands for Bold and it pushes low and mid-highs together with the overall gain.

Hear how it sounds in the videos below.