There are a number of fuzz circuits that lost the tone wars to the 7 kings of fuzz, but are still sought after by the pedal-obsessed. The ’70s Roland Bee Baa fuzz is such a device, and the Zero G IOD Honey Coma Fuzz is a variant of it.

The Bee Baa was a unique – and rather gnarly – combination of Fuzz and Treble Booster, and one of the first pedals with two voices, which are replicated in the Coma Fuzz and can be triggered via the left footswitch.

The first voice is thick and heavy with some mid-scooping, while the second one activated the high-frequency boost, making the sound thinner and a little more nasal.

The Tone and Wool knobs allow fine-tuning of – respectively – the high and mid/low frequencies, while overall this unit can deliver more fuzz and volume than the original.

Zero G IOD Honey Coma Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

Made to order. All pedals ship within 1-2 weeks of order date.

Based on some old hooved honey producer of a fuzz known as the BeeBaa, the Honey Coma serves up a heavy dose of nasty. Tone and Wool will shape your sound, taming the highs and accentuating some mids and lows. Left switch selects between two tone sections, one is thick and heavy with some mid scooping, and the other is a bit more thin and nasally. Right switch is effect bypass. There is more available fuzz on tap than the original and this thing is loud!

All jacks sit up top and it accepts the standard boss style 2.1mm power supply, +9v only, no battery snap, sorry, help us protect the planet!

Handmade in Ohio!