CKK Infinite

While compiling this list of the Best Stereo Reverb Pedals, we’ve been researching that pedal niche in depth, and totally missed this stompbox by CKK Electronics (we added it now!) – the Infinite Reverb.

CKK is a Chinese company whose pedals have been slowly getting more and more attention, in particular thanks to their more recent option-packed delay and reverb models.

The Infinite Reverb is a slightly older model with simpler controls: Decay (length), Reverb (mix), Pre-Delay and Damping (lowpass filter) and one toggle switch that gets you never-ending tails for an “infinite” mode. It features a Trails on/off option.

This is a rather affordable reverb with Stereo ins and outs that will serve well those interested in spacious, ambient soundscapes.

Check out the videos of the CKK Infinite Reverb, below.

The Infinitereverb Stereo is a stereo space reverb effect. It creates a huge sense of space, and is able to perfectly restore the tone and performance details of the guitars, never colors the original tone, especially for the acoustic guitars, it retains the woody taste of the guitar itself.

We carefully studied the spectral characteristics of the reverb signal and made it evenly distributed throughout the whole spectrum. Playing at any position on the fretboard are all very natural, and good at wrapping of string sound. Does not lose or compress any key signal components in the original signal, excellently preserved the details.

The Infinitereverb Stereo creates a super wide space reverb effect, ethereal and magnificent. It is equipped with three adjustable parameters, DECAY, PRE-DELAY and DAMPING. Combining the guitar and playing style to adjust, you can create a unique reverb effect. It does not only support the standard input and output, you also can use different combinations of input and output to get effects with slight differences.

The Infinitereverb Stereo is also equipped with Trail Bypass function. When the reverb effect is turned off, the effect fades out gradually and the playing is always smooth and natural.

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