Chase Bliss Condor HiFI EQ

The Chase Bliss Condor HiFI is an updated, limited edition version of the company’s non-HiFi version, an uber-tweakable, 3-band EQ pedal with parametric mids released in 2018 and discontinued after just three years. While the functionality remains the same, this new version features an improvement in sound granted by a new set of components.

The combination of a new, more powerful PSU (borrowed from the company’s Automatone Preamp MkII, which used the Condor’s Mids section) and an improved set of Op Amps (the Texas Instruments OPA1662) deliver a 3-band EQ with more headroom, higher fidelity, lower noise, and also a different clipping character. The latter can be described as more clean and traditional compared to the one of V1, which owner Joel Korte describes as “gnarly,” although some users have grown to appreciate that sound caused by the lower headroom of the power rail in the old circuit.

Quite incredibly and very generously, the company will allow original owners of the original version of the Condor to update to the new one for just $49, by replacing the circuit boards (an offer available until May 31st).

Here’s the video of the Condor, featuring Joel Korte himself.