CeriaTone Horse Breaker

Ceriatone makes one of the best-regarded Klon Centaur clones (the Centura), and the Horse Breaker marries that same circuit with a Marshall Blues Breaker clone, for a dual overdrive match made in heaven.

The two circuits have their own footswitches and can be played separately or together (a toggle switch allows to switch their order as well), delivering a wide range of sonic options. A separate switch allows turning the buffer off.

The Ceriatone Horse Breaker is a 2-in-1 Overdrive Pedal, consisting of our Ceriatone Centura
overdrive on the left and the “BB” overdrive on the right. As is the case with all our products,
we have paid excruciating attention to each circuit. Both are 100% accurate down to part
composition, and even manufacture where important. We have gone so far as to reverse
personal vintage samples of each, measure, and compare exhaustively. We’re confident you’ll
agree that it is worth the effort.

Having two accurate, sought-after circuits in one pedal would be neat enough, but we didn’t
stop there. Obviously, each pedal can be played individually, or can be stacked together. We
also added two important toggle controls to home in on your tones and sit properly in your
greater rig.

First, the Buffer switch pedal also allows for the buffer in the Centura circuit to be turned
on/off. When up, the buffer is active. When down, the buffer is defeated and puts the Centura
in true-bypass operation.
Next, the “Order” switch allows for setting which OD comes first, allowing for tonal shaping.
oggle left ?BB) places the Centura first in the signal path and runs into the BB. Toggle right
BB ? ) places the BB first, running into the entura.