Synth Pedals

Pigtronix Resotron Filter Synth

Electro-Harmonix Bass Mono Synth

Adventure Audio unveils the Merge – Pedals/Modular integrator

Glou Glou Pralines Filter/Modulation Synth Pedal

Shift Line A+ Prism-9 Filter Pad

Boredbrain Transmutron Dual FX Loop Crossover Filter

Snazzy FX returns through partnership with Erica Synths

Pladask Elektrisk – FORM2 gets the Knobs treatment

Seymour Duncan unveils the Fooz Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal

Alexander Pedals Colour Theory Spectrum Sequencer

Yellowcake Lida Machine – Analog Resonant Filter

Industrialectric Incinerator