Synth Pedals

Hologram Microcosm Multi-Mode Granular Looper/Delay

Rainger FX Snare Trap Drum Machine Pedal

Poly Effect Beebo – Modulation and Synthesis Device

BOSS SY-1 Synth Pedal

New Pedal: Shift Line Prism II Stereo Filter Pad

Strymon Nightsky Time Warped Reverberator

Pigtronix Space Rip Analog Synth

Pladask Elektrisk Fabrikat Granular Synth / Sample Playback

New Pedals: Bananana Effects TARARIRA Pitch Shift Sequencer V2

Keeley Electronics Synth-1

Way Huge Atreides Analog Weirding Module

The 30 Best Glitch, Stutter and Granular Pedals of 2021