Bananana Effects TARARIRA

Unconventional, creative, hybrid pedals that borrow from synths have become a niche in itself in the pedal realm – by far the most exciting one.

Bananana is a quirky Japanese builder that focuses on designing original effects that spark inspiration, and one may say that their products’ supercool minimalistic graphics already accomplish that even before plugging in your guitar!

The hilariously named TARARIRA is an 8-Step pitch shifter sequencer/arpeggiator that was recently upgraded to V2.

Each one of the eight steps can be assigned to a pitch shifting scale (you can pick from 27 and have three slots for your own ones), creating intriguing patterns and textures. A single note can be transposed to up to three notes for each step, and each step can be assigned to a different scale/chord.

Each step can be controlled by four different envelop shapes (Sustain, Staccato, Fade Oot and Fade In), while the sequencer can operate in 8 different modes, here’s the list:

    This is the basic arpeggiator mode for sequencing pitch shifts. Filter control is available to set the tone.
    It lets you mix the pitch shift with 5th harmony. This creates a resonant tone reminiscent of an organ.
  • HOLD
    This mode allows you to temporarily hold the input sound at the moment you step on the pedal and shift its pitch. You can use it to layer phrases like creating a backing track.
    This mode converts the input sound into a square wave and shifts its pitch. You can use the arpeggiator in this mode to create sounds reminiscent of retro games and fuzz tones.
  • SINE
    This converts a monophonic input signal into a sine wave for a softer tone and shift its pitch.
    This mode allows you to temporarily hold the input sound, convert it into a sine wave, and shift the pitch of the softer tone.(monophonic)
    Samples the input signal at short intervals and sequences the resulting samples by assigning them to various steps at one the 8 different playback speeds.
    A crazy mode that applies 8 different effects to the input sound and allows the sequencer to output them in turn.

Obviously, each step can have a different volume, and the speed of the sequence can be change via Tap Tempo with Subdivision.

All this just scratches the surface of what the Bananana Effects TARARIRA can do. Check out the video below and add your name to the queue because this pedal is constantly out of stock.

Bananana Effects TARARIRA – An innovative arpeggiator

This arpeggiator has been equipped with an 8-step sequencer with simple operations that you can easily edit the sequence.

This pedal has 27 scales with 3 editable scales that can be configured by the user.

It has 8 different effect modes that are capable of create everything from practical to experimental sounds.

Its 9 sequence effects are also useful for tricky performances.

You can save up to 9 favorite presets and switch between them seamlessly.

As this pedal is basically a pitch-shifter, it fits all kinds of musical instruments and microphone inputs.