The Best Bitcrusher Pedals
Best Tape Echo Pedals with Lo-Fi Control
Best Granular, Glitch and Stutter Pedals

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Best Lo-Fi, Modulation and Distortion Pedals (with CV In)

Montréal Assembly Count to 5 Granular Delay

Alexander Pedals Syntax Error

4 Track Syndicate – Niagara Bitstortion

WMD Geiger Counter Pro

Chase Bliss Audio / Cooper FX Limited Edition Generation Loss

Deep Space Devices Trigonaut Octave/Glitch/Stutter/Drive

Red Panda Tensor with Remote 4

PLBR Effects Pizzacrusher Bit and Sample Crusher

New Pedals: Champion Leccy The Woozy Lo-Fi Modulation

Dirge Electronics Slowly Melting Glitch/Fuzz/Chorus/Delay

Hungry Robot – The Wardenclyffe LoFi Ambient Modulator