Tape Delay Pedals

New at NAMM ’22: Cusack Music Prototype Delay

Flamma FC03 Mini Digital Delay

Pedal Update: Mattoverse Warble Swell Echo MkII

Mojo Hand FX Dream Mender Echo/Chorus/Vibrato

Eventide UltraTap Delay

New Pedal: Side Effects Mocking Bird Delay V3

Mile End Effects MTHRFCKR=RPTR Cassette Tape Delay/Pre-Amp

Donner White Tape Stereo Analog Dual Echo

SolidGoldFX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo

Maestro Discoverer Delay

Adventure Audio Again Modulated Delay with CV

Retroactive Pedals Dot Chaser Cassette-Style Echo with Modulation