Caline CP-24

The BOSS GE-7 is a very useful pedal to sculpt your tones, whether clean or distorted. Guitarists who want more than 7 EQ bands should take a look at this Caline CP-24, which offers a similar solution with a 10 band EQ, for under $40!!!

Check out the video, below.

You can really fine tune your tone with the CP24 due to the massive range of channels – 31.25Hz, 62.5Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1k Hz, 2k Hz, 4k Hz, 8k Hz and 16k Hz. There’s also a gain channel on the left hand side. The CP-24 is silent durable and easy to use. Like all Caline pedals it’s True Bypass design, so won’t impact your tone when off (although it should be on most of the time). Also works with other instruments.

1.True Bypass design, with aluminum alloy casing
2. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
3. Current consumption: 30mA
4. Product Dimensions: 11.9×9.4×3.8cm
5. Weight:0.35kg