Rock Stock Bright Switch

Those who enjoy experimenting with their pedals during a live performance wouldn’t be able to do that very well without a resource that’s often lacking on stages… light!

This little utility pedal by Rock Stock, called Bright Switch, provides that, and a few more functions like USB charging port and 9v adapter, for just around $50.

Since this is probably the most useful utility pedal we’ve ever stumbled upon, we added it to our list of Best Gifts for Guitar Pedal Lovers. Who doesn’t need light?

Let there be light! Clubs can be dark. Real dark, and we’re not made to see in the dark even under the most ideal environmental (and mental) conditions. So light it up with the Rock Stock Pedals Bright Switch USB Pedalboard Light and Charger. No more missed cues. No more fumbling around with one foot while you struggle to maintain balance with the others. It’s time to leave the Dark Ages behind and enter into the light.

  • Small footprint
  • 2 x USB Connections (switched and always on)
  • Indicator LED for switched connection
  • Will convert 9-24VDC to 5V USB power
  • Includes Rock Stock 17? USB LED Light
  • 9V 2A power supply included for high current devices
  • Will charge up to 2.1A @ 5V when using included power adapter
    (or high current lead from other power supply)