Yellowcake Pedals‘ first foray into the world of knobby, atmospheric effects (called Lida Machine) seems to be paying off.

First came the attention of Premier Guitar at Summer NAMM 2017. Then, today, genius pedal videographer Knobs, who carefully handpicks the stompboxes he features in his YouTube channel, published this demo of the device, which will surely fire the imagination of thousands of edgy guitarists (and synth players).

The pedal is an analog resonant filter with two independently adjustable LFOs. The filter’s frequency is also tweakable through an external expression pedal or through a CV input for those insatiable knobsters into the Eurorack format.

The two LFOs can create intriguing textures by interacting with each other when set up at different speeds, adding swirly filter effects to the original tone. Two toggle switches allow for different speed and waveform options.

The original signal can be blended in through the “clean” knob for more subtle results, and one of the LFOs – the one on the left – has it’s own on/off footswitch.

Check out the Knobs video below.

Gear used by Knobs for this video:

Synth – Novation Circuit Mono Station
Fuzz – Caroline Shigeharu
Guitar – Danelectro Dead on ’67
Amp – Fender Blues Jr.

Video Index

0:35 – Overview
1:40 – Controls
4:48 – CV
5:45 – Exp / Fuzz
6:54 – LFOs
8:15 – Outro