k 985 angle1

From MOD Kits DIY, here’s a refreshing approach to wah pedals: The New Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit offers the hands-on experience of building your own pedal through kit instruction and in their own terms, “… produces the classic Wah tone you’ve come expect with a hint of extra bite and growl.” They also boast “true bypass switching [that] insures no loss of signal when the Wah effect is not engaged” and “[a] long life potentiometer manufactured specifically for use in Wah pedals… to provide years of smooth, quiet operation.”

What I love about this release though, is MOD Kits’ encouragement of their customers to tinker with the schematics of the Wahtz Wah. The kit comes with clear instructions and point-to-point wiring that make it easy for advanced kit builders to get creative with modifications and experimentation of design. It’s not every day you get a manufacturer’s permission to improvise with their own schematic!

Here’s a demo from NAMM 2014: