The Loaf by BIG EAR Pedals, (a builder previously known as Big Ear NYC, but now based in Nashville) is a fuzz loved by many. Unlike most pedals in the fuzz niche, it reigns in the gain and provides a less brittle, more low-end-rich sound, tweakable through a Tone knob.

Here are a bunch of videos of it.

The LOAF is technically a medium-gain fuzz, but don’t let that fool you… It’s still huge, fat, and wooly!

While most fuzz pedals are accused of stealing your low end, the LOAF will actually do the opposite and roll off some of the harsh, brittle, and “buzzy” high-end that is associated with those other pedals.

The simple three-knob layout allows you to easily dial-in the perfect setting on every guitar.

The interactive volume and tone controls make every setting as musical as the next.

The pedal reacts to your playing-dynamics much like a classic tube amp, and of course, it cleans up beautifully as well.

As of November 2018, The LOAF will no longer contain a battery snap and will require a standard 9v (100ma) power supply with a 2.1mm barrel connector (negative center).