The 8 Best Stereo Pedals, video by The Pedal Zone. See also our other articles about Stereo pedals: Best Stereo Reverbs, Best Stereo Modulation Pedals, Best Stereo Chorus Pedals.

The statement “music in Stereo sounds much better than in Mono” is one of the few absolute truths we believe in. God (or Nature)  made us with two ears for a reason: binaural hearing allows us to perceive direction and depth, and it’s hard to deny that music without those qualities sounds a little sad, to say the least. The same can be said about your guitar tone!

Stefan from The Pedal Zone posted this video about his favorite Stereo pedals, and we created an interactive gallery of it, enjoy it!

  • Meris Hedra
    A 3-Voice Rhythmical Pitch-Shifter with tap tempo and deep functionality. Choose and micro-tune the key, and harmonize the fundamental with pitch-shifted notes going from -2 octaves all the way up to +2. Each voice can be delayed and fed back in 4 intricate matrices, through a smooth or hard step sweep through intervals, with the option to slide between pitches at the speed you choose.
  • Death By Audio Rooms
    Multi-function stereo digital reverb that treads new sonic ground. Long trails, gong tones, gated reverbs, and mangled long trails are just some of the stereo effects you can add to your sound. From the one-of-a-kind scientists at DBA.
  • Keeley 30ms Double Tracker
    A simple but extremely useful stereo pedal that offers an array of studio style doubling effects, from chorus to slapback, and also includes a reverb that simulates the famous chamber in Studio Two. Dimension Mode adds an organic width and depth to any mono sound.
  • KMA Machines Horizont Phaser
    With its 10 toggle switches, 8 knobs, two footswitch, and an envelop generator, this phaser is able to deliver any phasey sound you may dream of. 8 waveforms: Ramp Up/Down, Sine/Triangle/Square wave, a sweeping waveform, Sample & Hold and a random slope waveform going from 20s down to 40ms.
  • Meris Polymoon
    A pedal inspired by the way Allan Holdsworth and Frank Zappa used delay: a multi-tap delay with tons of modulation—it has six LFOs in it. An extremely deep device that can take you from well known earthly environments to new shining sonic galaxies.
  • EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids
    Features eight flanger modes, tap tempo, tap subdivision via the Rate & Tap mini-toggle, a multi-function Modify control, positive and negative Feedback, anda variable Mix control that lets you set the volume of the effect relative to your dry signal. Manual knob can be controlled via CV
  • Empress Echosystem
    A dual-engine delay with 36+ studio quality algorithms including emulations of classics like digital, tape and analog delays, and also ambient, multi-tap and reverb modes. Its dual-engine allows two of any of these effects to be used together, routed in either parallel, series, or left/right configurations. Tap tempo with subdivisions, Midi/CV connectivity and Cab simulator are welcome extras.
  • BOSS SL-20 Slicer
    A uniquely creative, now discontinued device that creates stereo envelop patterns on your performance. Think of it as a percussive stereo tremolo with multiple editable waves. It works in Latch and Momentary mode and features Tap Tempo to synch your performance to the pattern.

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