Best New Pedals released in May 2022

It’s the first of June, folks, hence time to look back at what May reserved us as far as new pedal releases!

After a rather sleepy beginning of the year, May was the first month of 2022 with a noteworthy number of new releases – and several exciting ones.

Meris stole the scene by unveiling the first pedal in two years, a spectacular-looking stereo delay with a modular heart. Universal Audio released three new pedals from their UAFX series, fully-featured amp-in-a-box devices recreating the tone of the most popular guitar amp, and their most popular mods. There were also noteworthy releases by AC Noises, REVV, Heather Brown, Alexander Pedals, Old Blood Noise, SolidGoldFX and Source Audio, just to mention a few.

You can easily browse through all these offerings in our interactive galleries below. As usual, mouse over and first tap will open a pedal description, while a click or 2nd tap will open a video.

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Have a blast and see you next month!

The Folks at Delicious Audio