Best New Pedal Released in September 2022

We are quite late with this month’s article about the latest pedal releases due to the conflict with our Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo, but here it is, finally – sorry for the delay!

September 2022 was in some way a historic month in the pedalverse: it was the month when the BOSS DS-1 got a makeover with its Waza Craft version – and since that’s probably the best-selling pedal ever (together with the Tube Screamer), that is rather noteworthy.

AND… another hugely popular pedal, the Electro Harmonix Big Muff, became a plugin/controller/audio interface! Many of our NYC readers had the chance to check it out at our recent Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo.

Also, three pedal lines were unveiled by Catalinbread, Victory Amps and Orange, in a trend that seems to be accelerating (see first interactive gallery below).

But hey, that only scratches the surface – here’s the whole scoop!

As usual for our galleries, a mouseover or first tap will open a description, while a click or second tap will open a video.

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